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Hypnotherapist Certification Training Program 2025
Hypnotherapist Certification Training Program 2025
Apr 05, 2025, 7:00 PM
Toronto, Canada
Become a Certified Hypnotherapist and Join Us in Building a New Movement of Holistic Mental Health Practitioners! See Below For More Details!

Hypnotherapist Certification Training Programme
"The Polymathy of Healing"

We Are Super Excited to Offer Our Newly Expanded Certification Training Programme this Autumn both in North America AND the United Kingdom!

This is THE Most Comprehensive and In-Depth Hypnotherapy Training Being Offered Anywhere. 

Our New Hybrid Model 9 Month, 350 Hour Program Will Meet In Person 2 to 3 Times throughout the program and then Twice Monthly Virtually.


You Must Attend All In Person and Virtual Meetings Throughout The Program and Complete and Submit All Assignments To Receive Your Certificate.


RSVP Now and Start A Conversation With Us About Your New Life and Your New Career of Service and Healing!


As a Practitioner of ANY Modality Your Experience is the Key to Your Success. This Program Gives You The Experience You Need.


Join Us for a Year of Personal Insight, Healing, and Transformation.


Then Go Out and Share That with the WORLD!

What You Will Learn In This Program:

Basic Techniques:

1. Introduction to Hypnosis

  • Understanding Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

  • Understanding the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind

2. Induction Methods:

  • Natural, intuitive induction techniques that get maximum effect

  • Establishing rapport and building trust with clients

3. Deepening Techniques:

  • Simple methods to guide clients into a deeper state of relaxation and creativity

  • Techniques for enhancing suggestibility and responsiveness

4. Suggestion Techniques:

  • How to easily build and layer the 9 suggestion styles into your sessions

  • Utilizing suggestions and imagery during sessions

5. Anchoring and Post-Hypnotic Suggestions:

  • Introduction to anchoring techniques to associate feelings or behaviours with triggers

  • Creating and delivering post-hypnotic suggestions for ongoing reinforcement

  • Utilizing advanced language patterns and metaphors for subconscious communication

Intermediate Techniques:

1. Regression Therapy:

  • Understanding regression and its applications in Hypnotherapy

  • Techniques for guiding clients through past memories and experiences

2. Parts Therapy:

  • Introduction to parts therapy and its use in addressing internal conflicts or self-sabotaging behaviours

  • Techniques for facilitating dialogue between different parts of the subconscious mind

3. Self-Hypnosis Training:

  • Teaching clients self-hypnosis techniques for self-care and ongoing reinforcement of therapeutic goals

  • Designing self-hypnosis scripts and exercises for clients to practice independently

4. Ericksonian Hypnosis:

  • Introduction to Milton Erickson's approach to Hypnotherapy

  • Techniques for utilizing indirect suggestions, storytelling, and metaphorical language

  • Reframing and Analogy

  • Conversational Hypnotherapy

Advanced Techniques:

1. Advanced Regression Techniques:

  • Deepening regression techniques for accessing earlier memories and resolving deep-seated issues

  • Addressing trauma and emotional blocks through regression therapy

2. Analytical Hypnotherapy:

  • Introduction to Hypnotherapy techniques for uncovering and resolving subconscious conflicts

  • Utilizing Hypnotherapeutic analysis to uncover root causes of issues

3. Specialized Applications:

  • Basic Techniques for applying Hypnotherapy in specialized areas such as pain management, sports performance, and childbirth

  • Tailoring Hypnotherapy to specific client populations or issues

4. Ethical Considerations and Professional Development:

  • Understanding ethical guidelines and legal considerations in Hypnotherapy practice

  • Continuing education opportunities and ongoing professional development in the field

5. Building your Hypnotherapy Business:

  • Understanding local laws

  • Launching online, SEO, website building

  • Practical development of an in-person and/or online practice

Embodiment Techniques and the Deeper Learning:

1. Breathwork practices for emotional healing

  • The Essential Breathwork Toolkit your clients to 10x their wellbeing

2. Self Hypnosis & Hypnotherapeutic approaches to Meditation

  • Building a bespoke daily practice for yourself and for your clients

3. Holistic Mental Health Frameworks

  • How to understand the Mind and Emotions beyond mainstream (pop) psychology

4. Functional Anatomy & Physiology and Emotional Healing

  • Learn HOW we feel what we feel

5. Developing your creative capacity as a healer

6. General Functional Nutrition

  • Help clients make choices that build their emotional wellbeing

7. General Herbology including uses and contraindications

  • Help clients understand new ways to support themselves naturally

8. Yogic Practices to support emotional healing

  • Yes, Yogic Practices. It's not what you think. You'll love it and so will your clients

9. Essential toolbox of techniques for working with:

  • Somatics and the feelings of Anxiousness, Sadness, Grief, Heartbreak, Adversity, Stress

  • On the ground, no BS processes for quick change

Details of 350 Hour Program*



  • 5 Hypnotherapy Sessions with Us (10 Credit Hours)

  • Participation in Our 6 week Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness Training Program (10 Credit Hours)

  • Prerecorded Holistic Mental Health Seminar to Complete at Your Own Pace  (75 Credit hours, To begin only after completion of above and to be completed before start of In-Person Training Modules)


In-Person Training Component:


  • Two 40-hour, 5-day in person intensives in April and August (80 Credit Hours) 

  • Final Weekend In Person Training/Graduation at End of Course in December (30 Credit Hours)


Virtual Training Component:

  • One 4-hour Hypno Curriculum Call a Month (36 Credit Hours)

  • One 2-hour Meditation & Discussion Call a Month Based on Reading Assignment (18 Credit Hours)



  • 10 Hypnotherapy Sessions Received from Other Students in Cohort (20 Credit Hours)

  • 10 Hypnotherapy Sessions Given to Other Students in Cohort (20 Credit Hours)

  • 10 Practice Hypnotherapy Sessions Given with Others in Your Community with Notes Provided to Us For Case Review. (25 Credit Hours)


  • Outside Reading Materials from Required Reading List. (25 Credit Hours)

  • WhatsApp Group Chat throughout for Student Connection, Q&A, etc.


350 Credit HOURS:


  • $4950 for the  Full Program

  • $1650 Required Five Personal Hypnotherapy Sessions and PQ Positive Intelligence Coaching Program



  • Non-Refundable Deposit of $1500 will be accepted starting January, 2025 to Hold Your Place in the Program.*

  • Remainder of Payment for Full Program Must Be Made In Full by Start of First In-Person Module.

  • Pre-Requisites Must Be Paid and Successfully Completed before start of Autumn Program.


*In the event that you are not able to attend the training this deposit is transferrable to the next offered program. 

**Please note that we reserve the right to determine the suitability of our training program for individual students. In the event that we determine our program is not appropriate for a student, absolutely no refunds will be provided for any session work completed.

Photo of Spring Haughton of Brooklyn Hypnotherapy Testimonial

What I did not expect but should have, is how much work we each did on ourselves, how much we each transformed. These guys begin, continue and end with love and compassion – what other way is there to do this beautiful healing work. 

Photo of Linda Carter of Birmingham Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Their training goes far beyond most hypnotherapy training courses...this allowed me to hit the ground running, equipped to immediately begin helping people facing the most serious challenges.

Photo of Candace Roberts Hypnotherapist Testimonial

Candace Roberts

The training was so engaging and supportive. I was able to lovingly dismantle some of my most troublesome childhood patterns and now I feel fully equipped to utilize and share these same tools with my clients. I’m utterly grateful.

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