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The Resonant Medicine Project

Our 2024/2025 offering in the Resonant Medicine Project is a year long series


"In the Ground of Being"


We are exploring what it means to be human, grounded and in deep relationship to the earth's seasons, the five elements, and their corresponding spirits.

Using Somatics, Qi Gong, Breathwork, and Holistic Mental Health Frameworks and Techniques, We connect theory to embodied practice to more deeply engage with ourselves. We ground and root to the earth's cycles as well as our own. We explore seasonal and consititutionally appropriate herbs and dietary options.

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In this Series you will learn:

  • A comprehensive toolbox of self-psychology techniques and processes so that you can understand and transform the way you feel

  • Practical Frameworks for understanding your emotions, your body, and your relationships

  • How to nourish and heal yourself physically and emotionally with season-specific herbs and foods. 

  • Practical movement and breath practices to help you change the way you feel

What is the Resonant Medicine Project?

Chinese Medicine and Holistic Mental Health frameworks view the body, the mind, and the emotions to be interwoven. They support, nourish, and inform each other. They also both see the individual, the family/community, and the environment to be interwoven.

The Resonant Medicine Project is an ongoing exploration of how these two disciplines weave together seamlessly to bring healing to our relationships to ourselves, our families, the planet, with each other, in community. 

Through conversations, experiences, workshops, and trainings we explore the intersection of Traditional Chinese Medicine rooted in Taoism and Holistic Western Mental Health approaches to healing. All of our offerings are practical experiences, easily incorporated, and extremely effective at helping you give yourself and those you love the greatest opportunities to heal and grow.

For Chinese Medicine Practitioners we offer the opportunity to develop on the ground, technical skills to do effective emotional work with your clients within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine using the breath, Holistic Mental Health Frameworks, NLP, and Hypnotherapy.

For Holistic Mental Health Practitioners, explore taoist and buddhist frameworks for how to support your clients with diet, herbal support, energy medicine, and self care practices rooted in traditional and time-tested practices.

For the general public this is a chance to learn intelligent, embodied wisdom practices that reveal what it means to be a whole human.

All modules and experiences are co-facilitated by

Andrew Nolan and Tara Bianca Rado

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Tara Bianca Rado brings 29 years of experience in holistic healthcare to the Resonant Medicine project. Tara is the lead practitioner at Durham Integrative Health and Acuncture Center, a full service clinic focusing on holistic mental health, women's health and pain management and is a 501c3 charity organization.


Tara uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling and qi gong to bring her patients healing and give them a better ground for their experience. 


In 2020 Tara worked as a Research Clinician at Duke University Hospital treating acute musculoskeletal pain with Duke University Integrative Medicine.


Tara has a Masters in Chinese Medicine from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley and a B.A. in Medical Anthropology from UC Berkeley.

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